My approach

My approach to relationship counseling is solution-oriented. Every difficulty we face at a certain moment in life is the result of the way we come to see the world. Whether we are struggling or we are happy is the direct result of certain thoughts, feelings, behaviours and environment which have been reinforced by our experiences. Thus, we are the mirror of our relationships.

I am a licensed psychologist

I am an accredited coach

What you can experience during my transformational coaching sessions:

A time and a space only for you...

…in which you can feel safe to express your deepest worries, hopes, fears, and experience true listening

Develop a better capacity for introspection...

…increased level of self awareness

A clear image of what you want...

…your future relationships to look like

We focus on your positive qualities...

…that you are not using enough

Increased awareness...

…self worth and accountability

An honest...

…healthy and supportive relationship

A confrontation of old limiting beliefs...

… that might be in the way of your idea of personal happiness. For example, “This person is too good for me”, “I always end up being used”, I always give more than I receive”

Learn what healthy boundaries are ...

…and what healthy relationships look like. You have the right to say no to some requests without fear of offending others

A plan with concrete steps and deadlines...

…to reach the desired objectives

How to feel good being yourself...

…before entering a romantic relationship

I can help if …

  • you feel stuck and unable to make a life-changing decision
  • you have a very cold and distant relationship with your family members, and you would like to improve this
  • you are in a sex (affection)-starved relationship, where your needs are not met and you are afraid to ask for what you need
  • you have difficulties trusting anyone as you feel they will disappoint you anyway
  • you keep being attracted to cold and emotionally unavailable people
  • you are tired of feeling like a “Red Cross” representative
  • you tolerate intolerable behaviour from your partner, because anything is better than being abandoned or lonely
  • you cling, you are very needy, and this pushes away any guy or gal you date
  • you would like a major professional change but you are obsessed with failure, and can’t make up your mind to start something new
  • you have discipline issues so you can’t finalize your projects, most of them remain just dreams
  • you are very lonely and isolated, and you would like to meet people
  • you lower your standards every time you meet someone, because you don’t want them to feel bad (low self-esteem)
  • you have no clear sense of purpose in life, so you feel vaguely unhappy, unmotivated, under emotional anaesthesia

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Our experiences are not written in stone; we are not condemned to relive them in a loop. They can be changed if we change our view of the world. We can learn what a healthy relationship looks like, if we never had one before.

My sessions are available in packages of 5 and 12 (see the Coaching Contract). The first session lasts 90 minutes, and all the others 60 minutes.

The results you can achieve are directly proportional to your level of self commitment, capacity for introspection and desire to change.