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My mission

Hi, I am Emanuela. I support women and men around the world to build fulfilling and joyful relationships on the right foundations.

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My Values


I deeply dislike the victim mentality. By complaining about how unfair life is and how people are not willing to give you what you need or desire, you will be forever stuck somewhere, unable to move in any direction. You might get attention and some pity from others, but this distracts attention from yourself. Only we can save ourselves.


Discipline is the supreme control of your thoughts, feelings and actions in order to achieve goals and your personal idea of success and happiness. With a little bit of discipline we can achieve some things in life, but with total discipline and commitment to ourselves we can achieve anything!


We need to move with purpose in life. You must be very clear about what you desire first in order to be able to work to get it. Seneca wrote 2000 years ago: “No wind is the right wind, for a sailor who doesn’t know which harbour he is making for!”


Give yourself first whatever you hope or dream to receive from others. You want more love, be more loving; if you want to be respected, respect yourself more! Invest in yourself, value yourself if you want to be valued.


Walk the talk! Speak the truth, do not promise what you know you cannot deliver, be an example of what change you hope to make in another’s life. Be a solution, not a problem !


Action is the only antidote to fear! If you don’t act on what you desire, you will end up with a life slipping through your fingers. If you do nothing, you will have nothing!


I make myself available and give precious time and energy to my clients if I want them to invest their money, trust, time and energy in me.


Laugh at your imperfections; you don’t have to be perfect in order to be precious in the eyes of others. You don’t have to earn people’s love by doing everything perfectly. “If you can laugh at yourself, no one can ever make a fool of you!” (Joan Rivers)


We get in life what we believe we deserve, not what we actually deserve. Give up the scarcity mentality: “There is not enough money, good men don’t exist anymore”. We attract people on the same frequency that we are.


If you want to receive money, invest more money in your yourself, keep learning, grow, do not believe that you know enough. If you have have been blessed with intelligence, try to bring some light in people’s life. Donate to a cause that you believe in and keep quiet about it.

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Our experiences are not written in stone; we are not condemned to relive them in a loop. They can be changed if we change our view of the world. We can learn what a healthy relationship looks like, if we never had one before.

My sessions are available in packages of 5 and 12 (see the Coaching Contract). The first session lasts 90 minutes, and all the others 60 minutes.

The results you can achieve are directly proportional to your level of self commitment, capacity for introspection and desire to change.