Are you willing to look at the pattern?

What if you could create a happy relationship according to a design?

Are you willing to invest in high quality information, that has the potential to change your life?

Let’s recap what you will get

  • A profound explanation of who you are today based on your family history
  • A change in perspective of you love life (Keep the lessons)
  • How to stop this “unconscious loyalty” and accept something better then what your parents had
  • How to develop healthy boundaries
  • How to recognise the red flags and signs of dysfunctionality before getting involved
  • How to stop looking for validation through the role of saviour
  • How to accept to receive more (even if it feels alien)
  • How to make choices free from your family’s expectations
  • Practical exercises to change your “life script”
  • How to be happy by yourself before getting into a relationships
  • The possibility to know every moment where you are through the quiz
  • Accountability and rescuing yourself – the will to act in order to get what you want, and not just dream about it!

Once you go through ALL the content of this course, you will have the skeleton of joyful and lasting relationships.

This course is Normally priced at 449 euro.

Discounted for only 48 hours, at a special price

of only 379 euro



If you act quickly- by till the end of this webinar, you will receive a Special Bonus.

It is a very powerful assessment instrument, used in coaching and personal development called GROW. (Goal- Reality- Obstacles/Options and Will to do it). This alone is worth 150€.

It is a model, a structured way that allows you to check at any given moment where you are, how you feel, and how to get a different outcome. It can be applied when you need to make decisions, business or life.

It has 2 practical examples, and multiple  possible solutions.


  • Plus a “Scaling technique” that can help you control negative emotions from anxiety, nervousness, planning long term. It can be applied down, to decrease the impact of negative emotions such as anxiety and fear, or up to increase the level of self trust and help you strive for more! 


The course was structures to be completed in 3 months, but you can do it as fast as you want. I do not recommend you take more then 3 months, because your focus and motivation will get lost on the way.

Because I am convinced of the huge value that this info provides, you have 100% money back guarantee, for a period of 14 days.

If you think you are less interested in having a written version, and you realised you are willing to start changing your life, though a healthy professional relationships, I have something for you! A small package of 5 coaching sessions – to begin the change. This package costs 350 euro. Because my mental and emotional resources are limited, and because I want you to make the best out of this , I only accept 5 clients per month.

If you are ready for both, the course support and the 1 :1 sessions, you will have an extra discount. You can have both of them for only 700 euro.

Even if you don’t buy from me, you will still have access to high quality information, in fb page.