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Hi, I am Emanuela. I support women and men around the world to build fulfilling and joyful relationships on the right foundations.

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The lessons of suffering

The lessons of suffering

If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer! If you focus on the lesson you will continue to grow! Buddha For some people suffering is a condition to get the love they can’t accept to receive otherwise. The pain they accept makes the other one feel powerful,...



Chemistry can be defined as a combination of love, lust, infatuation and the desire to be intimately involved with someone. We have all been there, feeling our legs shaking just because he smiled at us, realizing we cannot stop thinking of him, because he is like a...

Who influences your life?

Who influences your life?

We are going through a “digital” revolution. Information is available online for everything you have ever imagined. We are literally DROWNING IN INFORMATION. We rely on the internet to purchase our dream holiday, find out how to build a rat maze to entertain our...

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Our experiences are not written in stone, we are not condemned to relieve them in loop. They can be changed if we change our view of the world. We can learn what a healthy relationship look like, if we never had one before.

My sessions are available in packages of 5 and 10. the first session lasts 90 min, and all the others 60 min. With a package of 10 session, you receive one for free, approximately one month after to check on your progress .

The results you can achieve, are directly proportional to your level of self commitment, capacity for introspection and desire to change.