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Hi, I am Emanuela. I support women and men around the world to build fulfilling and joyful relationships on the right foundations.

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Liquid Love

Liquid Love

Human bonds are becoming very fragile. In our “modern times” a lot of people prefer these bonds to be very loose, so they can tied and untied as effortlessly as possible. Because they need a lot of personal freedom, some people feel trapped as soon as the first signs...

The Passive Aggressive Behaviour

The Passive Aggressive Behaviour

It can be defied as anything that avoids a direct confrontation, but still allows anger to be expressed in unhealthy ways! We can include here the following behaviours: Being grumpy and sulky Being upset all the time and hard to please Victim behaviour and continuous...

A man’s relationship with his mother and all other women

A man’s relationship with his mother and all other women

His mother is your man’s first love story. The way she loved him, will become the basis of how he will love all other women. In good and in bad! It is his first experience of love. If the mother was emotionally available, warm, soothed the baby when he cried, hold...

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Our experiences are not written in stone, we are not condemned to relieve them in loop. They can be changed if we change our view of the world. We can learn what a healthy relationship look like, if we never had one before.

My sessions are available in packages of 5 and 10. the first session lasts 90 min, and all the others 60 min. With a package of 10 session, you receive one for free, approximately one month after to check on your progress .

The results you can achieve, are directly proportional to your level of self commitment, capacity for introspection and desire to change.